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The Best Tourist Spots in Da Nang Vietnam for FamiliesThe Best Tourist Spots in Da Nang Vietnam for Families


Explore the vibrant city of Da Nang 다낭가라오케, Vietnam – renowned for its breathtaking beaches, cultural richness, and captivating attractions ideal for families in search of an unforgettable vacation. This guide delves into the top tourist destinations ensuring a remarkable experience for both parents and children. Embark on a journey through the finest experiences Da Nang has to offer!

Marble Mountains: Natural Wonders and Spiritual Retreats

The Marble Mountains, a series of five limestone and marble hills, commandingly rise just south of Da Nang. Named after the five elements, Thuy Son (Water), Hoa Son (Fire), Kim Son (Metal), Moc Son (Wood), and Tho Son (Earth), each mountain offers families an unforgettable journey through caves, pagodas, and stunning vistas.

  • Highlights:
    • Visit Tam Thai Pagoda and marvel at its intricate architecture.
    • Explore the Huyen Khong Cave, famous for its natural beauty and spiritual significance.
    • Take in panoramic views of Da Nang and the coastline from the summit.

My Khe Beach: Sun, Sand, and Serenity

My Khe Beach is celebrated for its golden shores and pristine waters, offering families an ideal retreat to relax and partake in a variety of leisurely pursuits. Famed for its tranquil waves and unspoiled surroundings, the beach is perfect for swimming, basking in the sun, and constructing sandcastles with the little ones.

  • Activities:
    • Water Sports: Try your hand at jet-skiing, paddleboarding, or even surfing under expert guidance.
    • Beachfront Dining: Indulge in fresh seafood at beachside restaurants offering stunning sunset views.
    • Children’s Play Areas: Many parts of the beach have designated play areas to keep kids entertained.

Ba Na Hills: French Village Charm and Adventure Park Thrills

Located in the Truong Son Mountains, Ba Na Hills presents an enchanting fusion of French colonial architecture and exciting amusement park attractions. Families can marvel at the renowned Golden Bridge, wander the charming French Village, and indulge in the excitement of the rides at Fantasy Park.

  • Must-See Attractions:
    • Golden Bridge: Walk along the stunning pedestrian bridge held up by giant stone hands.
    • Linh Ung Pagoda: Discover the serene beauty of this hillside pagoda with its towering Buddha statue.
    • Fantasy Park: Enjoy a wide range of rides and games suitable for all ages.


Son Tra Peninsula: Nature Conservation and Monkey Encounters

Son Tra Peninsula, affectionately called Monkey Mountain, beckons nature enthusiasts and wildlife aficionados alike. Amidst verdant jungles, families can marvel at the Son Tra Tinh Vien Pagoda, and witness the endangered Red-Shanked Douc Langurs in their native realm.

  • Nature Treks: Hike through the dense forests and discover hidden waterfalls and panoramic viewpoints.
  • Wildlife Spotting: Observe diverse flora and fauna, including rare bird species and playful monkeys.
  • Beach Escapes: Relax at secluded beaches such as Bai But and enjoy snorkeling in clear waters.

Dragon Bridge: Iconic Landmark and Cultural Symbol

Dragon Bridge, known for its distinctive design showcasing a dragon spouting fire and water weekly, stands as a symbol of prosperity and luck. Families can marvel at this stunning spectacle and venture to nearby sights such as the Han River Bridge for charming sunset strolls.

  • Events and Festivals: Catch cultural performances and festivals that often take place near Dragon Bridge, showcasing local music, dance, and traditions.
  • Night Market: Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Danang Night Market, offering a variety of local delicacies, handicrafts, and souvenirs.

Cham Islands: Marine Conservation and Island Adventures

Families looking for a day of marine discovery and tranquility must visit the Cham Islands. This UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is renowned for its unspoiled coral reefs, crystal-clear waters, and excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities.

  • Snorkeling Excursions: Dive into the colorful underwater world teeming with marine life, including tropical fish and coral formations.
  • Cultural Encounters: Visit ancient Cham temples and learn about the island’s rich history and cultural heritage.
  • Beach Activities: Enjoy picnics on secluded beaches and partake in eco-friendly tours promoting marine conservation.


Da Nang, Vietnam, presents a diverse range of attractions and experiences, appealing to families seeking relaxation and excitement. Whether you’re discovering natural marvels like the Marble Mountains and Son Tra Peninsula, relishing beachside delights at My Khe Beach, or immersing yourself in cultural treasures such as the Dragon Bridge, Da Nang offers something special for all. Embark on a family adventure to Da Nang today, forging enduring memories amidst the exquisite beauty and warm hospitality of central Vietnam.